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Uncontrolled wildlife can carry parasites and disease and may transmit infections to people and pets through bites, feces, urine, and other means.  Since laws vary from region to region, it’s wise to enlist the services of a licensed professional for safe and effective wildlife removal and control services.


Many domestic traps are actually inhumane and can be detrimental to surrounding wildlife and to your property. When dealing with wildlife problems, Pest & Animal Control gets rid of unwanted animals safely and humanely, allowing for the natural relocation and transfer of a den or nest that is far away from your property and may sometimes reunite certain species with their young. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable in the life cycles and nesting habits of local wildlife in the region and are trained to identify and address the habitat patterns of nuisance animals without adversely affecting the environment or any untargeted species. We provide both residential and commercial clients with the necessary recommendations for wildlife-proofing to avoid recurring problems.

Health & Safety

Do not attempt to approach, touch, trap, or handle a wild animal found on your property without professional assistance. Due to the likelihood of disease or other hazards, a professional wildlife control specialist should also be used for the safe removal of dead wildlife. Avoid feeding animals, also, so as not to be perceived as a reliable food source and risk attracting additional animals.

Our Animal Control Services Include:

  • Den and Nest Removal and Relocation
  • Humane Wildlife Extermination
  • Safe Wildlife Eviction and Exclusion
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Sanitation and Preventative Measures
  • Guarantee and Follow-up
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