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Bed bugs are challenging to get rid of and control because of their ability to survive long periods of time without feeding. Pest & Animal Control have devised an effective pest management technique that eliminates bed bugs from your home or commercial property.

What & Where

Bed bugs are oval shaped and cannot fly. Habitats include mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, baseboards and carpet edges. Cracks and crevices, upholstered furniture and particularly any area used for sleeping are also potential hiding places for these tiny creatures.

Health & Safety

With blood as their only food source, bites are often painless but can cause uncomfortable skin irritations, excessive itching and complications with allergies. Many report difficulties with stress, anxiety and insomnia due to their presence.

Although bed bugs may be a huge annoyance, they do not spread disease. They are known to cause allergic reactions from their saliva in sensitive people.

Bed Bug Treatment Checklist

Whether it occurs at your residence or your business, a bed bug infestation is bad news. Bites cause itchy rashes, and guests or employees spread the pests to others. In healthcare, childcare, and hospitality, reviews mentioning bed bugs will cause irreversible damage.

Remove all pillows, sheets, bed skirts, and comforters. Take clothing out of dressers and gather towels and curtains. Sort out anything that needs dry cleaning. In daycare centers and preschools, as well as children’s bedrooms, don’t forget to add soft fabric toys and stuffed animals to your collection. Put machine-washable and dry-clean only pieces in separate plastic trash bags.

Wash your items in the hottest water possible. Then, put them in the dryer for at least thirty minutes on high heat. Dry-clean only items can also go into the dryer to get rid of any pests, just don’t toss them in the washer first. Afterward, store everything in insect-proof bags until the bed bug extermination process is complete.

Help us by clearing out everything stored under beds and other furnishings to eliminate potential insect hiding spots. Preparation for bed bug treatment in houses, hotel suites, waiting rooms, or apartment buildings should also include taking down wall art and moving furniture two feet or more from the walls. Removing outlet and switch coverings is highly recommended.  

Use a vacuum with strong suction to clean mattresses, box springs, and carpets. Switch to a crevice tool for bedframes, baseboards, and corners. Vacuuming upholstered seating is also crucial in homes as well as public spaces like lobbies and common areas. Bed bugs often cluster on the undersides of chairs and sofas. When finished, seal the vacuum bag contents and dispose of it outside.

Buy protective covers rated for bed bug control. Put them on every mattress, foundation, and pillow, while ensuring each one is tight and secure. Inspect them on a regular basis over the next 12 months. Hotels and health care facilities will need to check much more frequently. Fix any holes or tears that you find and replace the covers as needed.

You’ll should be able to save most bed linens and clothing by washing and drying them on high heat. However, if you need to discard a mattress or upholstered furniture, slash it and cut it up, so no one else will want to take it. Before putting anything on the curb, wrap it in heavy-duty plastic and seal it carefully with tape. Add an easy-to-read label that indicates a bed bug problem, so other people won’t pick up the items and bring them home.

Step-by-Step Bed Bug Eradication

The Source

We identify the source and start treatment or dispose of the unsalvageable items. The most frequently transferred method in the home or workplace is through infested items from hotels and other hospitality locations, via used bedding, furniture and clothing.

Hiding Places

A thorough inspection of a property infested with bed bugs is necessary in order for pest control management to be effective. We will identify all infected areas and make a plan to eradicate the infestation.

Heat Treatment

Pest & Animal Control exterminators use only the most advanced bed bugs control treatment methods. We typically use heat to eliminate these pests, a method that is both effective and chemical-free

Spray Treatment

After the heat treatment, which is used to eliminate these pests, we attack loose outlets and fixtures with Drione. Next, we spray the home and furniture to ensure successful eradication.
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